Where’d the Jrock Websites Go?

Seriously! I remember just a few year ago having many sources for reading up on the latest video releases, band news, etc. That’s not to say none exist now (go check out Rokkyuu Magazine, for instance)–it’s just so many have disappeared and I’m just a bit heartbroken. It really hit me over this past week as I was doing some research over old links and had many 404 errors. Even podcasts are starting to shut down.

We need more to pop up again. I’ll be doing that a bit, but not to the extent or same way some of the pioneer fan sites were. I know there was always the argument that “the trend has ended”, but if you really enjoy something you want to see it perpetuate.

Are you experiencing this sort if decline in your areas of interest? If so, what do you think is the cause?

One thought on “Where’d the Jrock Websites Go?


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