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Backstage Vibe on the Rox: Initial Thoughts

I knew the moment I crossed paths with the staff of Backstage Vibe that these were people who could help fill a gap in the local music scene. In one hand, you have the music industry looking for the next big thing. In another hand, you have all the undiscovered talent looking for a way in. For some reason, it’s really hard for musicians to find that smooth transition from indie artist to household name. So when the opportunity arose for me to take part in this music festival–there was no way I was going to turn it down.

Backstage Vibe is a social platform working hard to be the ultimate resource for musicians–everything from selling music/merchandise to spreading the word on upcoming shows. The website’s doing some big changes and I can only imagine how awesome it’s going to be. Last month, I had the pleasure of going up to Jefferson, Wisconsin and interviewing all the performers for the day. In future posts, I will share the videos with you all. For now, I’m just going to highlight the event itself.

July 20th marked the first Backstage Vibe music festival. The goal was to showcase local talent that music fans really need to become familiar with. For me, it was a great opportunity. I had spent years focusing on the international scene (still do) and was a complete n00b to the talent right around me. Man was it a great eye-opener!

Backstage Vibe and the Rox Sports Bar worked hard to set up the venue for a mix of indoor and outdoor performances. The musicians were staggered so that fans could float between shows and not miss out on any of the 13 performances. You had genres covered from folk to alternative, covers and original songs. There was a little something for everyone. I was able to get some cardio in as I tracked down different acts and conducted short interviews wherever we found the space/decent volume.

One thing I have to say about every musician that came is that they were so down to earth. It didn’t matter how long the band’s been around, if they had just performed the previous evening or had to go off to another performance right after. They were present in the moment and supported each other as they took the stage. I think that’s what I enjoyed as much as learning each of their stories.

Musicians were supporting musicians. They’d scream as other acts took the stage, bought merchandise, gave advice, etc. When music is a part of you and not something you do–it’s very clear. And the soloists/bands I interacted with all day were music. Period.

13 bands in 13 hours. What an insane amount of joyful chaos! I give the staff so much credit for putting this event together. Even a month later, I’ve still got a pulse of excitement flowing through my veins. As I share the video/audio interviews with each band, I’ll give some other thoughts. Because I ran around so much doing interviews, I’ll trying to put together a list of their future shows to capture the full experience.

Doesn’t music give you such an inspiration?

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