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Starting with a Whisper

I am an introvert.

I know, that’s so hard for you to believe. But I am and I think it’s a wonderful trait for existing in this world. Some people find it a hard quality. When I was younger I had those moments as well. I would get questioned on why I kept to myself or just received curious looks. Now, let me clarify now that I am not trying to say introversion is synonymous with shyness. Those are two very different things.

At its most basic level, I just really love observing people and events. It’s why I am happy staying behind the camera 90% of the time. I thrive on assessment. I spend my day at work primarily on data entry and analysis. I want to understand why things work the way they do, look over each part and review the product–over and over again.

I never would have guessed that the way I think would evolve into a skill later in life. Right now, I’m at a really happy place for the start of my career. Because to me, this really is my fresh start. I’ve shifted into a role that is a mix of previous skills I’ve hone and new projects I never realized might be of interest. The greatest reminder I’m experiencing now is that I just need to act.

Any previous subscribers know how much of a perfectionist I am. I think that hinders me sometimes because I let myself get stuck in limbo. As eclectic as I am, it’s amazing how much time I devote to response from a certain niche. Though, I think that’s a general human trait.

My brother is an amazing writer. I mean, fantastic. The words just flow from the synapse to the keyboard. He’s extroverted and lives in the moment. Now, you might think that means he doesn’t something writing-related for a career. But that’s not the case. He’s studying to be a firefighter and works in the food industry. He has stories for everything and draws from the past so openly.

So how the heck does this all tie into marketing? How does this speak to my future with this website?

I could take the easy way out and shrug it off. But I’m not here to do that. I silenced myself for a long time due to multiple factors. And I think I finally realized why that won’t continue and what I want to share.

I’m going to break some marketing rules. I follow a lot of leaders on best practices because it’s essential for my career. But I’m rather hardheaded. I don’t think in themes and target audiences, so I refuse to write that way. Instead, I want to use my introverted lens to show you how I see the world and my own interests.

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