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3 Productivity Tips for Work

I like organizing things–in every aspect of my life. I even go as far as color coding stacked cups in a certain order. Regardless of how sane that is, I find a comfort in forming a standard schedule to my day. If you’re like me, I thought I’d share three of my personal productivity tips.

Now, obviously these are dependent on your work environment. I’m in an office setting, spending almost my entire day on the computer. Though that is the case, these can easily convert into habits outside of the job.

Code Your Calendar

Do you use your calendar in a way that works best for you and still allows for privacy (especially when you’re prepping for the day on public transportation)? If not, there are a few options you can take: color-coding, acronyms, symbols, etc. Between my electronics and planners–I use a variety of methods.

Being a visual learner, color-coding is my #1 choice. Meetings are in one color, regular tasks in another, breaks, etc. That way, without going into detail, a quick glance at the day is enough to work out how busy I’m going to be.

Create Desktop Folders

I’ve been absolutely astounded by the number of people who do not use folders on their desktop. It’s just a giant maze of file types that almost blend into the background. I can feel my eyebrow twitching already just thinking about it. I recommend this for emails just the same. Have a folder system.

I don’t care if it’s sorted by project, department, month, etc. Just have a couple of desktop shortcuts–if only for your own sanity. That way, when you download something, you aren’t skimming over every file name to figure out where something went.

Multitask High & Low Priorities

I know this one will be up for debate, but I stand by my opinion. It’s great to knock out the big headaches, but weaving in small tasks here and there gives your mind a break. I always use a couple of repetitive data entry tasks as a recoup period every hour or so as I’m working on a large assignment.

Even if it’s not daily, you can at least break up your week that way. The goal is not to burn out by Tuesday. I feel like we can get to that point quite often. There’s a lot to do and, if you’re in a fast paced environment like I am, the week seems to fly by too quickly.

I’ve heard multiple sources stating the 40 hour week doesn’t exist anymore. You may work longer hours for the same pay, but that doesn’t mean you have to make yourself sick either. Work in whatever tricks you can to balance your time better and create a moment’s pause.

What good is it to have all your bills paid if you’re just going to end up sick from exhaustion either way? I’ll toss in more ideas as time allows. Right now, I’m going to go enjoy some ice cream before crashing. My Tuesday already feels like a Friday.

; )


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