The Platform for Your Voice: Facebook

Because this question has come up before, I thought it would be a great place to start in this continued discussion of platforms for digital storytelling. I’m starting with Facebook because it’s a site I use the least personally and one I use daily for my job. Which seems to be a pretty consistent situation these days. There’s no way to cover this platform in a day, so consider this a highlight of a few  thoughts.

Everyone’s on it.

Love it or hate it, there’s a lot of people on Facebook. You might be a new adopter to the site. You might be an early adopter like myself who’s only still on it because there are family/friends who refuse to connect with you any other way. You might be a hardcore fan who only uses Facebook and thinks anyone who says otherwise is crazy. No matter your perspective–you or many people you know are on it.

It’s a keyword goldmine.

Facebook is constantly changing its features. And today, there are so many ways to make use of keyword search. Now, most people use search for inbound marketing opportunities. On a personal level, I use to find more parallels between myself and my friends. And I do mean friends. I only add those I actually know on Facebook. If I don’t know you, you have to add me elsewhere online. With how much personal data they keep, that’s just a safety issue for me.

Peer influence is built-in.

While videos are sometimes a hit on miss (and I mean uploaded to Facebook itself), external links work well for sharing. Images are fantastic. That’s the same across SNS platforms. But I think because of the nature of Facebook–knowing a good percentage of your friends–there’s that immediate influence. Knowing a friend likes a subject and therefore introduces it to your feed makes you want to learn more. That’s something you have to work harder at with other platforms.

It integrates EVERYWHERE!

This comes into place more if you’re considering multi-platform campaigns. Facebook and Twitter are the two networks that tend to come up as login options. So for that integration feature along, it could be another reason to make use of this platform. Even if people are on Facebook for different reasons, the user base alone can’t be ignored.


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