Creating the Experience I Wanted

While leafing through my usual news sites on the train ride home yesterday, I was disheartened to come across this article from The Mary Sue. It’s not the first time I’ve read about the lack of literature promoting certain fields for little girls. I’ve argued it since I was that age myself. Now, while it has been overhauled by another already, it made me think, “What was I missing out on as a child when I went to the library?” After coming up with many answers, and speaking with a good friend, I’m starting to draft the basis of a book for girls/teenagers. Separate from the fantasy series I’ve been working on for years. Non-fiction and most importantly–honest.

I lived out of the library growing up. It was my sanctuary and source of constant inspiration. I spent every summer participating in the summer reading program. In junior high and part of high school, I’d volunteer outside of classes and other activities. Restocking books on the shelf, helping with check outs, etc. There was not a member of the staff I didn’t know by name. I adored reading so much that my parents had me take a speed reading course before freshman year of high school. Even now, if I’m not reading a digital book, I’m perusing my collection of paperbacks.

But that’s not where I’m going with this. I know, as my mother would say, “you went around the block to cross the street”. Coming up with content in any situation can get stressful. Some days you’re pouring with ideas and others can make you down right resentful. The joy that comes with writing.

I’m finding myself asking this one question every time I start drawing a blank–“What do I need an answer to?” There will always be someone else who needs an answer to that same question. It starts the brainstorming session and can take you in all sorts of directions.


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