Why I Love Movie Releases

I went with a coworker and some of her friends to see the 10pm show for Mockingjay Pt. 1 on Thursday. Now, when I was in high school/college, we all made it to the theater extra early to secure our seats. You knew other people were thinking the same thing and didn’t want to be that group that had one friend across the room due to poor planning. We took it quite seriously.

It was to our surprise that just an hour before the film was to start, we were the only people there. We changed seats a few time and popped out to buy snacks/make last minute bathroom runs. When only 20 minutes remained, the rest of the crowd started filtering in. I was quite happy to see we all ended up being around the same age.

From snickering at horrible tv show previews and talking about the film trailers that looked the most promising, I could tell I was in a room of serious fans. My favorite moments from watching the film was listening in on reactions to those who hadn’t previously read the books. While I’m still torn on where the film ended (I still say the last 4-5 minutes could have been pushed to next year), it was a blast.

It’s really hard to put into words what it’s like to watch something with a crowd of only hardcore fans. Midnight premieres (or those around the same time period) are my preferred movie experience. What about you? Does it matter to you what the crowd consists of?


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