What I’m Thankful for This Year

It’s the first Thanksgiving I’m celebrating since my move and I thought it was fitting to sit down to write. No matter your thoughts about this holiday, and trust me–mine are mixed as well, I do like to follow the tradition of discussing my happiness of the year. These are just a few items on my list, but very important to me all the same.

  1. A new place to call home. I never planned on moving to the city I now live in, or even when I did. But circumstances called for it. Prior to moving, I lived in a very isolated environment that literally took hours to get to every day from work. Now I have a quick train ride and am surrounded by social opportunities on both ends of the commute. As I piecework decor and pull out old belongings from the totes, it feels more and more like my own little hobbit hole. 🙂
  2. A job. Pretty self-explanatory. I bring it up a lot, but after the rough period a few years ago, having a full-time job that allows me to have my home is wonderful.
  3. New friendships. One of the hardest things about moving to a new city is rebuilding your network–especially when it’s so far from old acquaintances. It’s great when you get along with coworkers. It’s even better when you really hit it off with some. And now that I’m networking more even outside of work, I’m finding (as a good friend Corielle calls it) “my tribe”.
  4. Return to creative outlets. I know I’m mentioning different projects that I only share small details on. But I continue to get closer to a permanent fusion of creative projects in my personal and work circles. It’s exciting. It’s the balance I need to be an ideal professional.

What are you thankful for today?


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