Pen and Paper

When’s the last time you worked on something handwritten. Not for school, not for work–just because. I feel like it’s a dying art that I want to revive in my life. I spent a good hour working on a letter to a family member. It was freeing in a way, letting the ink flow on the pages.

It’s really easy to take back the words when you are typing away at the keyboard. But when you handwrite something…it’s a commitment. The words are there long after you’ve tried to white them out or erase the pencil marks.

I was rather bummed out when my calligraphy pen broken this afternoon. Thankfully not the expensive one, but a favorite all the same. I had disassembled it carefully, washed each part and put the replacement ink cartridge in. Nothing comes out when I start writing and then my finger touched just the right part of the handle. It poured all over my hand. Sadness…