Top 5 Goals for 2015

Now that a new year has begun, and more projects I’ve previously hinted at will start being revealed, I wanted to commit myself to five main things this year. I’m strongly believe that you need to give yourself landmarks to convert your dreams to realistic goals. One of my current “areas of improvement” is to stop postponing bucket list items for some unknown future time. I’m sure this list will continue to grow, but these are what I’m focusing on now.

  • Writing my first book.

Ever since I was in elementary school. I knew I wanted to write a book. Well, I have a giant list of genres I’d love to write in. However, it was an implicit expectation I had of myself from early on. I love literature, and the idea that my ideas could join those I hold in high-esteem? What an amazing idea!

Now that there are so many ways to do this, and I know I have the content to share–I need to just sit down and get it done. The draft for the first book has been in process for a while. I’ll be sharing updates throughout the year as I continue working on it.

  • Returning to the storyverse I’ve been working on.

This is another project I’ll be checking in on throughout the year and ties directly into the discussion of transmedia storytelling I shared with you all this past fall. I signed on to help work on a storyverse for a business (no details until things start happening).  In the midst of volunteering for that, I also shared small details on my storyverse idea that came up in college. It’s a subject that hasn’t really been focused on yet and is deep into pop culture. I think it’s been in the think tank long enough to start bringing it into the spotlight.

  • Regular video uploads.

I have the equipment. I’ve uploaded a handful of content over the years. Time to make use of my YouTube channels. Yes, there are two of them. I’ve always wanted to get into the YouTube partner program and have been around long enough to see so many of the partners from the beginning. And sometimes, it’s just a blast to discuss something in video format vs. text.

  • More graphic design training.

I also have this on my goals for the year at work, so it’s a fitting parallel. Yes, for synchronization in life! Right now, I’m working intensely to complete my branding guidelines. Always had them informally, but it’s been negligent of me not to have it all in writing. I’ll share some tips in the future, for those interested.

The fact is, I know the freeware versions of a lot of software. I’ve had the pleasure of having access to the full Adobe Suite and am growing more confident daily. But typography and packaging design have a real hold on my attention these days. Expanding my graphic design skills to hone in on these areas, along with my social media experience, is a big goal this year. An ongoing goal, really.

  • Visiting a new part of the U.S.

I’ve had this conversation with friends and family alike. Maybe some of you can also relate. It’s no secret I’ve been blessed to travel nationally and internationally. However, it’s become clear that there’s much of the U.S. I still haven’t seen.

I’m always so interested in other cultures, but the U.S. itself has so many varieties of subcultures and landscapes. I’d like to have a regular travel mindset that, for every trip abroad, I’ll always plan a U.S. trip as well.

What are your top 5 goals for 2015?

So that’s where I’m at right now as we begin 2015. I’m pulling items off the bucket list and committing them to the next 365 days. Are really excited about something this year? Are there any goals that you’re holding back for some unknown reason?


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