Fandom Fridays: Marvel or DC?

Marvel or DC?

Marvel. No question. Sorry, I won’t even humor expanding my argument. It’s where I draw the line. Yes, DC has Wonder Woman. But with how awesome that character has (and mostly hasn’t) been portrayed in recent pop culture–I’ll stick to my happy corner. These two characters are just the start of what holds me to Marvel:


Storm is an awesome WOC within the Marvel universe. She’s traveled around the world, can control the weather (I’d ban snow for life, with the exceptions of my enemies) and still has her weaknesses. She overcame a rough childhood and made a real differences in the world. Not even going to lie, knowing that I could easily do a cosplay with my new haircut did factor in as well. ; )


And no, I’m not including him because I’m a Tom Hiddleston fan. Hiddleston is an awesome actor, but there are so many facets to this character he’s yet to hit on. I’ve always preferred the anti-hero. It doesn’t matter the circumstance. Being able to analyze the layers of anti-heroes is a lot of fun. As the saying goes, “history is written by the winners”.

Loki’s ability to impersonate others and his complicated family tree are interesting. Sure, he doesn’t regularly approach his abilities with the best intentions, but think about it. Being able to experience other people’s lives and perspectives–via reactions to your visage–is the learning experience. Realizing a god has as many (and numerously more) family issues makes my own easier to process. Just ignore the downright evil he likes to get down to and he could be a potential friend. lol.

The movie trailer

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out this summer. Have you seen the trailer?

Now, I won’t lie. Even I chuckled a bit at the nod to Pinocchio.

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