2015 Movie List

It takes a lot to get me in a movie theater these days. Between debating the cost of the ticket, initial reviews and my ties to the fandom–only my favorites are watched immediately. These are the 2015 releases I can’t wait to see.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1)

Now I just referenced this film in a post from last week, so click here to read more on that. Quick summary: I’m a Marvel fangirl. Really curious to see if and/or how Loki & Heimdall come into play. I agree on the Scarlet Witch theories. Joss Whedon hasn’t disappointed me yet (in most of his work), so we’ll see how this goes. Any guesses on the post-credit scene we know will be there?

Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15)

I adored the first Pitch Perfect movie. To this day, I can still watch it on repeat without boredom. The trailer looks hilarious and seeing Flula in there made me crack up even more. Bringing the craziness into an international stage? Now, I’m not naive…there will probably be a few sore spots–be that poor humor or song choices. But it’s a generally humorous film with a group of talented women and it’s not set in a high school. Okay, it’s mainly because it’s not set in a high school.

Jem & the Holograms (October 23)

Either way, this will be a win. Depending on the fan rumors you believe, it will either a) be a great nod to the show/comics or b) be such a horrible direction you’ll want to run and pull out the old episodes. This was one of the first cartoons I ever started watching. I’m finally grabbing the DVDs this year and working them into my regular weekend show marathons. At my staff picnic last year, I did an 80s music/cartoon mashup. My coworker and I closed with this show. Synergy is my spirit animal…person…AI…

Jarvis–sorry, man. You can’t win this battle.

Mockingjay: Part 2 (November 20)

Though I’m still miffed at how the film was split…It was unnecessary and why did they explain what could have been an amazing cliffhanger!? Heck, I was irritated when the leg was still there in a certain earlier HG film…But I’m drifting here. Apologies.

Even knowing how it’ll turn out, I want to know how it’ll turn out. You know what I mean? That word “adaptation” or the phrase “based on” is such a wicked needle in the side to any book fan. I always appreciated the acknowledgement of PSTD in the series. I don’t want that lost in the midst of a series of action scenes.

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