Start Your Own Interview Log

You can’t get an interview because you don’t have any press yet. Yes, we all know this story. But with digital media being what it is today, you have ways of getting attention. I think the easiest way to start is to create your own foundation.

AMA. If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”, it’s exactly as it sounds and you can apply the same mentality to your social media endeavors, regardless of specific questions. Take the time to field questions from your fans.

Too early in the career for this to be a naturally occurrence? If in a band, have members interview each other. A soloist? Have a good friend or family member interview you. It’s breaking that 4th wall and given insight to how you think and act outside of the stage.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, a vlog episode or a podcast. Get creative. The more potential fans get a glimpse of the person/people behind the music, the more intrigued they are. And as your presence grows, it’s awesome to see the story of your career unfold. Not to mention, if you hold onto the media over time, you have the start of your own documentary.

Look up your local bloggers and share not just the music, but the stories. I can receive many emails on why a should like to a band. How they are “this generation’s KISS or Metallica”. Or that a soloist puts so-and-so to shame. That’s boring. That’s repetitive. But when I get a unique anecdote, “this is my fourth band” or “I used to play the keyboard and have discovered the bass is where I really exceed”–I want to know more.

The first question I’m always asking musicians is how they got into music. What keeps them in the scene? Have they always wanted to go this direction. That’s the time to share the standard responses. But letting someone see the whole picture of who you are and what you’re about? You can control that early on in your career.


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