Top of the Bucket List

I’m someone who keeps a mental bucket list. To be completely honest, it just changes too often for me to be willing to write it down and fully commit. Right now, the top 3 things on my bucket list are as follows: return to Europe for another vacation, sky dive in New Zealand, publish a book before I’m 35.

European Vacation

I’ve proclaimed my life changing experiences in Europe multiple times. So I won’t bore you with them now. However, it always comes back to the same thing–I have a great respect for the European outlook on work-life balance.  That mindset, along with the fact you can cover so many countries in just a small trip, keeps me wanting to come back repeatedly.

There are countries like Sweden and England I want to return to. I also have many countries I’ve yet to see. Places like Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Greece, etc. You can’t run out of cultures to explore. Knowing that, I feel like this will stay on my bucket list until I get through most places on the wish list. I’ve always enjoyed European fashion and pop culture. Having a regular (and intensive) exposure makes me feel young and connected with the rest of the world.

New Zealand Sky Diving

Wellington is the adventure capital of the world. Sky diving, along with bungee jumping, scare me beyond belief. However, I believe in conquering fears as you feel ready. And if I’m going to conquer a fear, I want to do it big. Ignoring that I can also do some LOTR-related trips in the midst of pulling my stomach back out of my throat (horrible image, I apologize), I need to do this for myself.

I hear all these amazing stories about people who love sky diving. It’s the kind of experience you know even a video clip can’t truly articulate because experiencing the world in those few minutes is massive. Now, I plan to pay for a video recording of myself because I’m sure my vocabulary will entertain the family for years. But to say I’ve knocked a big fear off the bucket list will make me proud. Not to mention make some of my smaller fears that much easier to approach.

Publishing a Book

I’ll be chronicling my first attempt at getting a book written and prepped to send off to a publisher this year. Next year will continue seeing if I can make it to print. Regardless of how many tries it takes, and which genre is going to succeed, I’m interested in just being able to publish a book. I’m not concerned with monetary success or landing on a big list for recognition.

Writing is my outlet and having a beautifully bound hard copy in hand is something I long to see before I leave this life. While self-publishing is a normal option today, there’s something about the old method that intrigues me. Hearing the feedback, getting those first few rejection letters (because I do expect some), etc. It’s all part of the journey. Even today, I have every college denial letter. It’s not to depress myself. Rather, it reminds me why I have to continue and how accomplished I’ll feel proving the critics wrong.

What are those top goals you have on your bucket list? Are you acting on ways to accomplish them in the near future? Don’t forget, it’s not something to just gaze at occasionally with a hopeful smile. Dreams with deadlines turn into goals. And goals can be measured. Don’t leave your goals to deadlines you didn’t expect. Even if you fail, you tried.

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