IKEA Kingdom

Everyone seems to either love or hate IKEA. I’m of the former population until I can afford to invest in pricier furniture. IKEA brings me happiness for all sorts of reasons. The IKEA Hackers website it a permanent bookmark for future crafts. Any product I can repurpose is something worth the investment to me. Of those, these are the products I’d eventually adore in my dream home.

REGOLIT Floor Lamp

If I’m going to add a lamp to my room, I want to be able to give it some real life. It’s a great talking piece, you’d get great coverage in terms of lighting and you can arrange it so that the base stays out-of-the-way.


I still haven’t gotten over my obsession with the color yellow. The stand comes in a variety of colors and combinations. Just look at it. Shiny, clean design and takes up little space.

Billy Bookcase

I’ve planned to use these for years. And some people have done amazing home libraries with them! Give me the extended bookcase with spotlights for each bookcase. All my books in the Dewey decimal system (oh yeah, I’ll make my own labels), my figurines and totes added in. Money, follow me to the car…

EKBY ALEX / EKBY VALTER Shelf with drawer 

I keep telling myself that one of these days I will get rid of my current desk and just put the iMac on a shelf. It’ll push me to the standing desk mentality and keep me active. I’ll cover it in stickers because that’s not a habit I’m willing to change. After creating a cure for a technologic needs, I’ll frame the desk before it’s shipped off to the Smithsonian…Okay. Too far. It’s a cool shelf. The end.


I want to play “Whack a Mole” when I see the photo for these shelves. And then I remember the cost. ; ) All I had to see in person was the little doors. What would I put behind them. Do they come in different colors? How long will the assembly take? Not what is claimed, but what the average person spends on assembling this here unit.

In Closing

Yeah…I can feel you all judging me now. You might feel exactly how you felt five minutes ago. In fact, you might be more irritated with me for losing five minutes of your life. But I’m not sorry. To a DIYer like myself who is also still early on in their career, IKEA is a great alternative to other local options. I won’t name any in particular. You all know of whom I might be referring to. I like the selection, ease of assemble and ease of removal when something’s past saving.



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