Mission YouTube Creator

I’ve been on YouTube since 2006. Just as many other users out there, I started off watching videos before I threw my hat in the game. I deleted them over time, but I’m sure you’ll find some of my pre-2009 clips somewhere. I remember posted some rather (in hindsight) poor makeup tutorials, band promos, general vlogs, etc. I treated my channel like a diary and had no real direction I wanted to take.

Within the last few years, getting more serious about my YouTube channel (now plural) became a thought. I remember getting an email survey about the partner program–thoughts and general curiosity–after I had a bit more traffic (once again when the other videos were still up). That lovely branding self-assessment was in full gear.

Why YouTube Partner Program?

As you grow more familiar with YouTube and start creating your own content, this question always comes up. Do you want to be a Partner? What does that mean? Which aspects are you most interested in?

Today, we’re all considered “creators”. Your channel is even referred to as a “Creator Studio”. But I’ve followed all the creator resources from the start, as a way to approach my online brand (see end of the post for the links). Just because you aren’t in the program now doesn’t mean you can’t apply the tips now. From clarification on policy changes to announcements on new features, I read up on anything I can get a hold of. YouTube is getting better with transparency in that regard.

More Videos in 2015?

I’ve always tossed out a few videos over the course of a few years. But as I stated, I want to really to get back into steady videography. I’m a month into a daily posting schedule with this blog. My music blog will be shifting to 2-3 posts a month.

I’m not giving a standard number of videos for YouTube, but will say it’s a minimum of once a month. You can expect a mix of reviews, tutorials and vlogs on my life/news. So almost what I stuck with months ago…

Goals for the Channels?

I miss my old videography days. Thankfully, thanks to me not paying attention during the YouTube transition deadline, where you to link your email to your channel, I have two YouTube channels. The second channel has no content yet. That will change.

For the sake of simplicity, videos will only be posted on the main channel. Once I decide the focus of my second channel, I’ll announce it. Just too many choices for me at this time. I’m going for quality over quantity.

I definitely want the opportunity to add YouTube partner to my résumé. However, I’m much more interested in creating a channel to serve as a platform for my future web series. Now that I think about it, that’s probably what I’ll leave channel #2 for…You all helped me decide it with doing a thing. You’re awesome. This moment of you just reading my words really helped me out.

I’ll touch on this more in the future. I’m just excited to see where this all goes. The fact that technology allows for this choice is awesome. Never would I have imagined I can now just produce the content I want to share. It’s liberating. It’s time-consuming. Most importantly, it’s worth it.

Further Reading Links

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