Favorites? On Twitter?

Everyone uses the “Favorite” feature on Twitter for different reasons. For me, it’s to flag subjects for future discussions and acknowledging conversations I’m actively participating in. My favorites number changes daily.

While on the commute to/from work, I flag anything that catches my attention. When I have time to sit down and dig further, I then convert my favorites to bookmarks on a browser. These normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Posts of inspiration: I favorite quotes like crazy. Be it a famous writer or the Twitter user, anything that can trigger a subject of interest–I want to remember. Every so often, this might also be an article to a speech someone gave or a great YouTube video. These sorts of favorites are specifically for self-growth and meditating over.
  • Articles to discuss in the future: I’ve cultivated a list of news stories that will be in other posts now and then. Outside of hyperlinking my own thoughts, sometimes others just put the words into perspective better. Beyond my use, I like to share stories with co-workers and friends. It might be something timely or tie into a project I’m working on. Getting a conversation going beyond the link is my main goal.
  • Memorable feedback from a conversation: Social networking is a multi-way conversation. I get some amazing feedback at times–be that of the humorous or thought-provoking variety. And it’s also a really easy way to tell someone you’ve seen what they’ve posted as well as publicly displaying your agreement. I see this with brands as much as individuals.

The favorite button (which has a new animation on mobile) has so many uses. If you don’t use it often, consider it. If you use it often, consider looking through what you’ve marked over time. Are there any consistent themes? Do you favorite something just for the sake of saying you hit the button?


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