Graphic Design Goals

While I’m always working to get stronger graphic and web design skills, I’m still on the earlier end of the spectrum. These are the graphic design skills I want to meet in the future:


Am I the only one who contemplates fonts? How a font is designed. What the difference is between serif and sans-serif. The anatomy of a specific character. It’s so interesting to take a moment to sit back and study why certain fonts evoke a given emotion. Pairing certain serif and sans-serif fonts is an art itself.

My goal: Create one font over the next year. It’ll be an extension of my personal brand.

Package Design

I spend hours between the Packaging Diva’s Pinterest boards and The Dieline website. Visual marketing is how the sector works. Now more than ever. To some, you are only focused on what the product is. But I can’t count the times I’m swayed to try a new brand just because the packaging stood out more. It’s an experience instead of just a transaction.

My goal: Design a packaging line for personal gifts. I still make chainmaille jewelry as gifts and like to bake occasionally. It’s time to have that started from the moment someone sees the packaging.

Adobe Illustrator

In my freeware journey, I’ve been started to convert myself more from Paint.NET & Inkscape to Adobe Illustrator. The latter is proving to be a much easier transition than expected. Thankfully, much of the iconography remains the same. I’ve already done a few work projects in Illustrator and wasn’t held up on software question.

My goal: Complete my transition to working in Illustrator predominantly by this summer. Since I use it at work and at home now, that shouldn’t be a hard goal to meet.

UI Best Practices

This hits on the web design; my GeneXus training, specifically. For the unfamiliar, UI stands for User Interface. And what is UI? Everything you interact with on a screen. I’m working on an internal database and my main reason for starting this project is because I wanted a simpler streamline for user check ins. Factors like language, hearing, etc. are all being deeply analyzed now.

My goal: To design a functioning internal web app that will address a number of regular client issues as well as speed up the check in process across multiple sites.

Start Big and Niche It!

I like giving my self a large task list that a gradually shrink down to a reasonable timeline. Thankfully, I have overlap across these goals. More so, all of them are already in progress. This is a field I’m so involved with and drawn to that I know it’s the right path to take. I’m curious if anyone else is feeling the same way about the same or another subject.

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