Office Supplies

Most people think I’m joking when I say office supplies are a weakness of mine. However, I can fly through my shopping budget in Office Depot just as quick as H&M. Having a neat work space keeps me sane. These are some of  the offline/online resources I adore.

Poppin (USA)

I discovered Poppin while hunting for unique office decor on Pinterest. I’m all for branding and wanted to find something to match my organization’s. A few minutes on their site and I had 3 room layouts planned. I will note that these are low to mid-range in terms of pricing. They also cover students, starting from elementary school.

If you’re a stickler like myself when it comes to color consistency, you can’t go wrong. You can sort everything by color before you even begin shopping. I mean, it’s awesome. You can buy each item or sets. Also, note the lingo on the website. Rather entertaining.

Born Pretty Store (China)

I started shopping on this website right after college when I was looking for cheap cell phone covers. You can find some similar cell phone accessories to Strapya World (aka Hamee), but the office supplies are great. A few of the items I shared in my creative space post were from Born Pretty Store. They update the site regularly and every purchase earns you points that can be applied to subsequent purchases.

YesStyle (Hong Kong)

Outside of home decor and fashion, this is my first go-to site for all things office-related. From usb humidifiers to weekly desk calendars, it’s just a quirky take on the products you know and love. Much like the other two websites previously mentioned, you’re simply talking an extra week or so to wait on shipping. If you’re new to international shipping, it’s standard. I’ve yet to have an issue with customs or a lost package from this website.

Staples (USA)

I know. You’re thinking, “Fetesha, this is an office supply chain most Americans would know.” And that’s correct. But a) not all of you readers are American and b) there are some hidden gems on here. For example, did you realize how large of a selection of post-it dispensers there are? My beloved karate fighter at work was purchased via Staples. And I can’t be the only one who loves bookends or my favorite carousel organizer…If you’re a cubicle warrior as I was previously, you know the value of desk real estate.

In closing

Maybe I am the only one who adores these products to this degree. But just realize the market for this is not only global, but addictive.

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