Klout Scheduling

For a general discussion of social media scheduling, please click here.

Why Klout?

Klout is one of the two main resources I used for SNS scheduling. Specifically, I use it for my Twitter account. Originally, it was a website used to get a Klout Score — a measurement of your social impact.

Keywords associated with your updates were auto-generated and other users could vote on the subjects you were an expert in, while also suggesting their own. You could only remove terms, not add them to your own profile.

If you had a high enough Klout Score, you’d earn perks. These perks were for topics experts and usually related directly to only one or two topics. Of course, this quickly evolved into a situation where people where asking others to add wanted terms. Some perks were rather extravagant in comparison to others. I.E. Test driving a new car model vs. a magazine subscription/product sample.

However, about a year ago, Klout start to allow for users to add their own topics, pre-scheduling posts to different SNS and supplying applicable news articles. The latter links were automatically shorten and branded to Klout (an easy way to tell when someone’s using it for an update). It really changed the game.

What to schedule?

This was what made me decide to keep Klout devoted to news articles. I’m constantly curating sources for my own needs. I figured others might find it helpful as well. So, after skimming each article, I’ll pre-schedule a few posts for a week out at most. I like sticking to timeliness, so I don’t want to link to something that old. I figure, if it’s that interesting, it’s worth talking about in person or a longer blog post.

Klout also gives suggested times now (instead of standard increments) as well as the option to custom schedule. There are more features being updated and added often. The mobile app is getting better with functionality. I like the UX in the Overview feature when on desktop.


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