Joining a Fandom

Have you ever thought about the process of joining a fandom? I mean seriously taking a moment to assess it. You come across something you really enjoy. It might be a sport, a musician, book franchise, crafting technique, etc.

You start to research it intensely. As you’re reviewing resources, on and offline, certain names start sticking out. You find people who can word why you are interested in the subject in that perfect way. Others irritate you or just see it as a small hobby.

You start leaving comments on websites. After some times, others start replying back and it becomes a lengthy conversation. Events start coming up and the internal language develops. You only realize the latter when you’re discussing it with a non-fan and the first words they say are, “I don’t get it”.

Months go by and you realize the fandom is everywhere! Well, through your own world lens. If you were there from the start, it’s a very sharp moment to take in. If you joined later on, that sense of a community could be part of what drew you in. Regardless, it’s become a part of your life and in many ways your personality.

We all have that source. It’s something we never tire on discussing as our eyes glaze over in memory. You smile even now when it comes across your mind. And it happens constantly. We are always finding some new fandom that catches our attention and our hearts.

How many fandoms would you claim membership to today?


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