Social Media Resources: Twitter

So I curate online resources daily. I normally pass applicable articles to friends and family, but realized my general network would probably find it useful as well. So below, you’re going to find a mix of website links and social media articles about Twitter specifically. If it proves useful, I’ll make sure to do more posts like this in the future.


Twitter Cards: Even if you’re not a developer, it’s always useful to read up on features and get a better understanding of how they work. If anything, it also gives you the ability to understand why.

59 Free Twitter Tools/Apps: Buffer article. Sign up for their newsletter if you have any interest in digital marketing. I learn at least 3 new things every day.

23 Ideas for Twitter Lists: Another great Buffer article. Here’s my earlier post on Twitter lists.

Use Twitter Like a Marketing Agency Professional

What is a Hashtag?

How to Make a Tweet This Link

General Website Links

The Twitter Glossary: Because terminology is always important when using a new platform.

TwitLonger: Every wonder how others are able to ignore the 140-character limit? This is one of the more common solutions.

Tweepi: My go-to for profile maintenance. I covered it on a blog post not too long ago.

Twitter Analytics: Get a quick snapshot of your presence and where your strongest traffic sources are coming from.

Pay with a Tweet: I came across this after trying to download a white paper. Thought it was genius and flagged it for future reference.

Twitter Advanced Search: I didn’t realize how many people weren’t aware of this. Give yourself some time to test the parameters out.

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