Causes: Soldiers’ Angels

I’m from a military family–immediate, extended, close friends and some acquaintances. We have every branch represented and have everyone from an ROTC graduate to a surviving Tuskegee Airmen among our familial roll call. I’m always looking for ways to support our troops. My brother was one of a few to attend a local military academy for high school.

Many times I could be found at the local VFW. Often, it was just to gather and hang out for the Friday Fish Fry. Sometimes it was assembling packages for those serving around the world. I was quite excited one time that we had a few books left over and I was able to take one home in thanks for my volunteer efforts. Regardless of the reason, I learned quickly to appreciate the community that comes from the lifestyle.

I think it is a pretty common realization that most of us wouldn’t/couldn’t have the mindset needed to enlist. And this post isn’t to critic that in either belief. We all have our choices and decisions. I do, however, think we all have a basic understanding of wanting normalcy in a unique environment. That’s where Soldiers’ Angels comes in.

The idea behind the organization is to make sure every soldier is acknowledged and remembered. As the tagline states, “May no soldier go unloved”. Right at the top of the website, the number of soldiers waiting to be “adopted” is noted. As of this posting, it’s sitting at 364. You can take part in many ways:

Each focus has a list of teams. You have to apply to the team (they want committed volunteers) and have the list of expectations you need to meet. For example, the letter writing team makes a minimum commitment of 3 months. You’re randomly assigned a deployed soldier. The goal is that come mail call for a given troop, every soldier has something to open.

This is an organization that I have followed for years. As a civilian, it’s unfortunately quite easy to forget that there are always deployed troops–war zone or otherwise. Some soldiers have a support system back home. Others have no one. I’m not going to pretend I can imagine what a day is like for a soldier, therefore I’m happy to have the opportunity to make it even slightly easier. 

If this is a cause you think is worth supporting, please share it with your network. I’ll continue to share more of these in the future.


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