Pinterest Finds

Did you know I have a Pinterest board devoted to being a proud geek? Jokes, fan art and awesome cosplays are just part of what I include. Here are some of my favorite pins:

Cosplaying is always mesmerizing to me. I think people sometimes forget/don’t realize what this can evolve into. It’s not just a person deciding to dress up for a few days. Some of the more famous cosplayers either go the route of a model only or a costume designer.

The former might collaborate with a friend or acquaintance, modeling the clothes designed. Photoshoots start picking up and the networking transitions them from the fandom realm to the “mainstream” realm (those lines blur daily).

For the latter, he/she picks up the hobby of dressing up as a character. Over time, that evolves into slowing designing certain features. Eventually, every piece is handmade by the cosplayer. The enter masquerades and start winning. Judges are often industry reps and the right person can give someone a foot in the door. I always reference someone like Holly Conrad for an amazing story.

The artists within the community take my breath away. I mean, study this steampunk piece for a moment. The intricate features that someone spent hours working on, always with that last image in mind…

I love pop culture mashups and this was such a great take. The use of white space is genius. The fandoms selected are unexpected. Just clean, clever design.

For all my linguist nerds, please to read over this. You will not regret in. Not a fan of this sort of thing? Skim over a few lines and remind yourself how complicated the English language really is. If you’re a native speaker, does is seem simple to you? Imagine an ESL learner.

And of course, I’m going to end this with a Portal reference. It’s a funny mix of gaming and holiday celebration. Also, the biggest win to me–minimal setup/takedown time.


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