Keyword Suggestions

Twitter Photos, Keywords & Personalize Google Map

Technology is some I love, yet at times love to hate. These are just three things that have been on my mind recently:

Twitter Photos: Uploading Matters

Did you know, depending on your upload method, a Twitter photo may/may not display? Most users know that Instagram photos won’t show up. However, if you use pre-scheduling tools to add images to an update, the uploaded file (and subsequent hyperlink) will often not appear in the Twitter card. It stinks, I know. Make sure to test out each platform when you’re using a scheduling tool so that you can keep this from happening.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Coming up with a nice variety of keywords can be a pain. Especially for the SEO élite and/or hashtag aficionados. This recent find is just one of many tools available to get the creative juices flowing. I have a habit of choosing keywords after content is hashed out. However, if you’re digging for topic ideas, consider inputting a subject and running with one of the suggestions as the focus for your piece.

Google Maps: Where You’ve Been

If you like diving into data tracking–specifically your own, this tool is for you. Well, it all comes down to your settings for Google apps. As long as you’ve allowed for location report and location history, you’ll be able to test it out. If, like me, you prefer to stay private on most things…this article wouldn’t be of interest to you to begin with.


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