Pop Culture YouTubers

It’s so easy to kill hours on YouTube. So sometimes, it’s better to have a direction in mine. For me, that means sticking to a general subject as I move from video to video. Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers for all things fandom/pop culture:

Doctor Puppet

This is for the Whovians out that. Amazing stop motion animation and fun bite-size story arcs that fit into the official storyline. This is fandom at it’s best. I’d urge you to check out their Facebook page.

Geek & Sundry

If you’re familiar with Felicia Day and/or The Guild, add this channel to your queue. There are a variety of series, including the embedded playlist for Co-Optitude. In this series, Felicia and her brother play fan-suggested “old school” video games. Long times gamers will appreciate reliving the 8-bit graphics.

How It Should Have Ended

If you find yourself humoring how much easier it would have been for a film to end much quicker, this is the channel for you. This specific example is an old favorite. I’m a huge Tolkien fan, but let’s be serious. That saga really did have a quick solution.


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