If I Could Illustrate

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend brainstorming marketing ideas with a friend. During our discussion of a photo layout, one of the books caught my attention. The drawing style was so memorable and I knew it had to be Jill Thompson. The book?

Jill’s illustration made me humor the idea of what I’d do as an illustrator. And that is the theme for today’s “One Day Expert” post.

The field of illustration intrigues me. Not only do you need to be a fantastic artist; you need to have a clear flow between storytelling and interpersonal communication. All while maintaining your own visual voice. Easy enough, right?

Spending a day as an illustrator would mean creating a snapshot of my inner monologue. I’d work on translating my book ideas into the visual medium and perhaps reinterpret some of my favorite stories. If you imagine characters while reading, you probably get where I’m going with this.

Getting illustrations for my books means I’d have a library of designs for other products and brand identity. Repurposing would be quite simple. The favorite stories would fulfill a childhood dream of having my head cannon become reality. I wouldn’t alter storylines, just be able to finally describe characters as I’ve wanted to. Being able to do side-by-side comparisons with friends would be so cool. Everyone interprets things so differently.

I don’t envision creating the most-epic graphic novel series of all time only because a) we are talking just 24 hours and b) I’m not going to be left with high-level illustration skills after the fact. No. I’d just want to get started on two areas I could reasonably carry out.


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