Speaking in Full Circles

You know why I love this video? Dan uses a relatable anecdote to draw you in before he jumps into the big picture thinking. In other words, engaging storytelling. Sure. The hamster story was downright hilarious. It led me to a YouTube video vortex of hamster videos and Pygmy Goats. But then it got serious for a few minutes. And then seriously hilarious again.

I know some of my posts can be heavy on the dry humor. Personality is what keeps it lively. Some of my own favorite bloggers do this via third-person posts, a dedicated humor category or just pure talent I’ve yet to tap into. And no matter what the approach was, I always come back.

There’s a Swedish culture blog that I always look forward to. I know I’m going to either laugh uncontrollably or be so dumbfounded I can’t help but let out a short chuckle. Marcus just has a way with words.

It comes down to the fact that a given experience can (and does) happen to millions of people. But your perspective, takeaway and decisions afterwards are what keeps it unique. Combining that with a funny style becomes entertaining. Not holding yourself back can give it that final traction.

There are days that I know I’m the only one literally lmao. But every time I share the subject, online or in person, that same energy level comes across. I also have a contagious laugh. So I will assuming your laughing with me, even if it’s not the case.

See. Full circle. Meaning of freedom…I don’t have a hamster, so I’ll have to leave you with a photo of my chinchilla, Sly. He’s kind of like a hamster…but completely not.

My Chinchilla Sly


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