Yesterday’s blog post still has me in handwriting mode and I’ve already covered my office supply resources. that reason, I’m going to share some of my favorite stationery options out there in the interwebs. Rather than just sticking to general websites, I’ll be sharing some specific products as well as independent online stores:

  • Di Depux Despina’s better known for her acrylic jewelry (which I definitely recommend), but you can find some quirky odds’n’ends for your writing materials. Awhile back, I scored a nice stash of stickers for my envelope decor.
  • TheWashiShop Kate’s pricing is among the best I’ve found. I’ve still got four rolls left from my last purchase. Washi tape has all sorts of uses for projects. I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too much washi tape”.
  • Karuka Tokyo is a Japan-based store that has more options that you can think of. I purchased my beloved hiragana stamp set from them a few years ago. Every order includes a few free stationary gifts and is packaged exquisitely.
  • Translucent envelopes are a current obsession of mine. Well, they have been ever since I studied the Yule Ball invitations from the Harry Potter film. I’m finally going to be able to use them into a pro-bono design commission I’m working on and I’m so excited!
  • This is a stretch, but I love it too much to exclude it. My argument–the letterpress serves as a strong inspiration on your own endeavors. I’m sticking to that.

Other Housekeeping Notes

Now that I’ve won you all over with a brief list of “things that entertain me and (most) possibly not you”, I’ll give a head’s up on tomorrow’s discussion–podcasting. Specifically, some of my favorites. I’m back down to 18-20 that I listen to weekly, but that still leaves much to branch into besides, “so this is what I like“.

Thank you to those who recently submitted a contact form to continue the discussion on cursive writing. One submission I received was an incredibly detailed breakdown from Kate over at HandwritingThatWorks. Check out her website if you want some real insight (with heavy research) on the subject.

For those who join this blog at an earlier iteration, when I was pushing more fashion-oriented content, I’m working hard to update my product review page with earlier posts and YouTube video reviews. That will be your main way of keeping up with that content from now on.

I think that covers everything for now. Thank you all, as always, for taking the time to check this website out. You’ll continue to see more features unravel over time. Have a great rest of your day and look out for tomorrow’s post!


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