Packaging Design

Every few months, I ask myself questions to further define what it is I want to do in life. This includes hobbies, new skills to learn, potential career paths, etc. While certain details change, the general focus doesn’t.

I’ve always liked graphic design, but it wasn’t until after college I really grew to appreciate it. As my social media knowledge grew, I realized it was an area I needed to get down more–be that through formal training or teaching myself new software.

I’ve spoken of the experience involved with visual packaging. My love for storytelling make the niche a perfect fit for me. While I still ponder beyond a handful of circumstance for working on designs, the permanent approach is undefined.

Do I want to create packaging for a living? Do I want to expand the idea of package design beyond the standard retail environment? I don’t know…

But there’s such a joy in creating a design and merging it into a sustainable product. No matter how involved I was in the project, just knowing that someone takes delight from my vision–that’s a really cool feeling. You could say I am starting to find purpose in using technology to create art that continues to conversation offline. I know, my marketing side is showing. Don’t think I’m trying to get too meta with this.

It’s a great gift to know that I’m not locked into a certain path. My interests shift daily. I’ve learned to just see which remain and which are just in passing. My “greatest career” will always be a work in progress until it ends. I assume the connections will be made after I want to take the time to think it all over.

I may not be the next great designer. But if I can innovate in a way that lays the ground for someone else to do so? That’s a pretty big win to me as well.


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