Passion Planner

Are you as excited as I am about products that organize your life? I mean you don’t ever get sick of the office supply aisle.

This was a Kickstarter project I supported, because the idea was so intriguing. The Passion Planner is a glorious mix of calendar, journal and long-term goal list. There’s enough space to color code to my heart’s content and make the extra notes I never seem to have the space for. I also like the blank PDF version Kickstarter supporters received awhile back. It allows for some other creative options, in terms of presentation.

It’s cool because this was a project launched just after Angelia had graduated. Not even a full year, if my memory proves correct. She wanted to help others get organized and it was so cool following the original Kickstarter campaign. The crazy hours logged. Her emotional reaction as it took off. It just felt good to support. I think many crowdfunding supports can name a campaign that has had a similar affect on them.

She doesn’t know I’m promoting her. I didn’t do it for any gain. I just really like the product and wanted to continue to show my support. I’ve linked her official social media channels below.


The Sounding Board Graphic

Clients from Hell: Sometimes you just need a laugh to remind you how awesome your job actually is. Other times, it’s a reminder that you aren’t alone. It also shows some of the extremes people go to for no reason whatsoever (be that the company or the client). Either way, you’ll find yourself spending a large amount on time on here.

Slings and Arrows: I’ve yet to watch this show, but have been told repeatedly it’s worth the time. I’m trusting in my friends enough to share with you all without seeing it. If it turns out I was jinxed, we shall all revisit this moment in another blog post…where I discuss important aspects of friendship.

Flat Grayscale Cityscape in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: I’m always looking for new tutorials to help myself get the software down. Came across this on Twitter unexpectedly and really enjoyed working through it. If you want to get a handle on some of the intermediate features of the software, I’d recommend checking this one out. I printed it off and keep a copy at my work desk for reference when I run into a creative hurdle.


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