A Video Break

I’m in a video kick, so I decided to share some of my current favorites with you all. A few are new videos. A couple are “old”. Either way, it entertained me and I thought you might get a kick out of it. Since I have to put on my videographer hat next weekend, it was a good source of inspiration.

Sometimes, the simplest lyrics can be hilarious when you are a) very tired and/or b) have a great beat.

I conversed with someone on the train about this, so I wanted to make sure I put this trick out there for my fellow alternative hair color fans. Inpatient DIYers unite!

Welcome to my Pandora’s box of gaming. I love watching others react to video games as much as I do playing them. Especially when it’s a horror game I don’t have the guts to get through, I can channel the awesomeness and let someone else’s freak out lower my own.

Because one should always close the work week (and begin the weekend) with a memorable dance routine.


The Sounding Board Graphic

Mark Oshiro’s going to be at this year’s WindyCon. I love his book and show recaps, so I’m rather excited. Though, if you aren’t into conventions and/or traveling out to the Chicago suburbs, this might mean nothing to you. If you are…here’s a master list to keep track for the year.

The Hemingway App has a desktop version.

Rob Gonsalves is now one of my favorite artists. Look at this!


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