Scrambled Poem Challenge

Note: For those waiting on tech/marketing posts–no worries. Tomorrow’s a tech-day. It’s just been nice changing it up a bit.

I wanted to give myself a simple challenge to work on my poetic writing. Sometimes I feel like I’ve grown too one-dimensional in my verbiage. So, of course, that meant creating a poetry hashtag as a weekly practice (#scrambledpoems). I’ll keep it in the sounding board going forward.

If you want to take part, the rules are simple:

  • Randomly select 12 letters. In my case, that was by tapping on the keyboard with my eyes closed. You could also look at a random news stories and take the first letter from each line. The idea is that you’re forced to get extra creative. I ended up with: ao, e, l, d, b, g, u, d, f, i and s.
  • Put a letter on each line you’ll be writing and just let the words flow.

Scrambled Poem 1

I think my gap in poetry is showing…Still great way to tap into a different set of linguistic muscles. Try it out yourself and let me know how it goes.

The Sounding Board Graphic

Presenting Yourself to the Press

Social Media Infographic Goldmine


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