Technology is Challenging and Empowering

Just as I promised yesterday, we’re back to a tech-related post today. While sifting through quotes, the two mentioned below kept coming back to mind. Take a moment to absorb them for a second:

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas Edison

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response.” –Arthur Schlesinger

As I’m floating between devices and projects, I’m always considering what I could make that would revolutionize the world. There’s always some need waiting to be met. Hence why business continue to appear and awe-inspiring inventions keep getting created. Blame it on the inspiration that is Quirky. Mentors always spoke of coming up with an idea by listing problems I have and seeing which have yet to be answered. I’m determined to find one ASAP, but am trying to stay realistic.

I find that one part of my brain stays in fast-forward. Learn the latest platforms. Master the basic. Push out best practices as quickly as possible. It keeps me up on trends and strategies to act on. However, another part of my mind questions the need. How beneficial are certain platforms I’m rushing to learn? Are they applicable to mind line of work and/or the direction my path is taking? Am I focusing on them because that’s the trend?

Being a marketer, you want to understand every avenue your target demographic is coming from. But if your message is so saturated in the, “hey, look at me” phase–who cares? All you’re going to see is each platform you’re failing to create a genuine conversation.

I think I previously mentioned my lack of interest in smart watches.  It’s not that the technology isn’t amazing. I would never have guessed I’d live to see the day it was a reality. But I’m also honest enough with myself to realize my time is best used for other opportunities. I’m not going to use one, I have other technology that suffices for the current capabilities and (most importantly) I refuse to fork over that kind of cash for a watch. Smart or not, I haven’t touched a wrist watch since grade school.

Stepping back to compare much of the current tech trends, I’m seeing a few consistent themes: different takes on the same concept, acquiring smaller companies/to be the first to have certain IPOs in a portfolio and refining brand identity. In other words, old school business with new school tools. If the tools are all that’s changed in the big picture, why aren’t we altering the entire ecosystem?

That’s the revolution I’m interested in joining. I know I’m tossing out questions and not following up on solutions, but that’s where we have to start. We’ve all read and/or heard about faults in the technology sector. We know what needs to change and who’s already taken the first steps.

But I’m not one who believes in waiting for someone else to create the world in which I thrive.


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