Upcoming Moments of Excitement

I had to devote a moment to some awesome upcoming events in pop culture. More specifically, upcoming events that are awesome to me. While I do agree that I’m ready for more original projects, seeing some of my favorite fandoms being highlighted in new ways makes me a happy person. So enough prologue and on to the plot!

Jem & the Holograms Comic Book 

This show formed many of my current interests. While, based on current spoilers, I have no plans to see the film (seems like the name is all that’s consistent)–this comic is looking pretty good. However, everyone looks much younger than their supposed to be (my one big hangup).

Orphan Black Season 3

If you’re already sick of me mentioning this show, I better let you know now that I’ll be doing many posts on the show as the season plays out. The way this show opens the conversation on identity blows my mind. It’s wicked that it has a female lead, but it’s so much more than that. The layers of deception and pacing of the series are unlike anything I’ve seen for years.


This convention’s been on the list for years. Now that I actually 1) have the cash because I’m employed with no work conflicts and 2) not in college with midterms/final exams, it’s a reality. The OB panel won me over, but that was in addition to a few Doctor Who and Marvel actors were announced. Artist Alley also looks like a gold mind.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

See previous post here. Marvel. What sounds to be an 160-170 minute film of joy and MCU analysis for the next year, minimum? Done, my friend. Done.

Marvel Collector Corp

I gave up my NerdBlock subscription for this. That’s a serious commitment right there. My action figures could be following my mashup t-shirt collection’s “ran out of drawers and some closet space” level of denial. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, just that I won’t exactly be discouraging it in the process. Some people spend money on other endeavors. I choose to illuminate the world with my love of fandom memorabilia.

alicenine. = Alice Nine = A9

The men are back! This will only be a highlight for the other Jrock fans out there. In a nutshell, when I use to network on Myspace like crazy to hunt down new Japanese rock bands–PS Company was the #1 indie label I followed. I still have Peace & Smile Tour merch, regardless of the fact I never made it over to Japan for a live show. A9 (they went by alicenine. at the time) was among my top 3 favorite PS Company bands.

They stayed indie for a bit, went major, eventually broke off from PS Company after a decade of working with them…I was convinced they were no more. My heart broke because alicenine. was synonymous with why the subculture meant the most to me. Thankfully, it’s not the end. They just released a new PV (MV for those here in the States) that I’d urge you to check out. I’m curious to find out what new ears think of their sound.

The Sounding Board Graphic

Thomas Nicholas Band is having a Midwest music tour over the next few weeks, with many stops in Illinois. I saw them live before when I went to @Midwest a few years ago. Great live act. Thomas Ian Nicholas seems like such a laid back person, from the brief time I was able to speak with him. It’s always nice when someone is really in it for the music, above all else.

Your Favorite Enemies still has tickets available for their US tour. If you’re going to the Chicago show, let me know! I’ve followed this band since Myspace was on my daily go-to list (not so much these days). They were nominated for “Rock Band of the Year” at the 2015 Juno Awards. Didn’t win, but it was an awesome moment to see. Their advocacy work is also quite interesting.

Twitter is now making it easier to put together online harassment documentation if you need to file a police report. Kudos to them for starting to take more active steps in regards to online security. I still think it sucks we event have to worry about these sort of issues, but that’s the nature of the internet.


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