School Uniforms (Or Why I Don’t Miss Them)

I spent 16 years in the parochial school systems. First grade through college. Of that time, the first 12 were spent in a school uniform. Monday through Friday, I had no thought about what I needed to wear. Well, we did have summer skirts in high school, allowed during certain months. However, my fashion was highly regulated. Most days I loved it, other times it grew tiresome.

I had more time to spend on other things. I don’t just mean that physical appearance wasn’t a high concern. It was cool, but you learn ways to spruce up a wardrobe when everyone has the same restrictions. Because fashion, and associated stereotypes weren’t as visible, you had a different way of interacting with people. I’ve had classmates reference that you were able to focus on the person more than the appearance. That’s completely subjective. I definitely had my share of bad experiences–clothing-related and otherwise.

I remember the first time I was going on a college tour. After taking in all the surroundings, there was time for some Q&A. My first question to the group of students?

“So what is the dress code?”

The laughter took a bit longer than expected to die down. I had to explain that my school days were spent knowing the exact skirt length, color restrictions, and even shoe styles allowed–the majority of my life. There were dress code rules listed in the school handbook. I know, because I had them highlighted. Yes, you’re reading the post of the adult version of that kid in class. I’m not apologizing for it.

The concept of wearing whatever I wanted couldn’t be processed. Needless to say, I quickly fell into a casual “uniform” of sorts on campus.

I appreciate the idea of a school uniform. Especially in grade school, it was practical and let my focus stick to the books. At the same time, my weekends were spent participating in sports and other extracurriculars (with separate uniforms)…Meaning, it wasn’t until my college years that I started experiencing the freedom that is creating your own wardrobe. There’s a part of your unique identity that ties into fashion. Be it a single accessory or your entire look, it gives a statement.

Maybe that’s why I’m now walking around with a blue-green mohawk…

The Sounding Board Graphic

Perfume at SXSW. I can’t get enough of the live effects. I want to get my hand on some electronic equipment and just play for a bit. Just a bit.

New Age of Ultron TV Spot. May 1st is almost here, people.

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle gives me mixed feelings. Thoughts?

A new #scrambledpoem will be in Monday’s sounding board.


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