I Love My Vestibule Crew

Just got back from a bowling party with my fellow morning commuters. I love that you get to know people when taking public transportation. You are all going different places for different reasons, but the chaos that is commuting brings you all together.

This was my first time bowling in their annual bowling party. I don’t remember how many games I played, but I do know my best score was 100. Not too shabby for having not played since I was in college. We turned into 5 year olds as soon as the black lights went on and I’m pretty sure my voice is hoarse from laughing so hard.

Since sleep is still something I value, I’m going to call it a night. Celebrate the friendships in your life and make the most of every moment you’re given. The 15 people I spent the last few hours with have all positively affected my life in one way or another. That’s a beautiful way to end my work week.

Take care, everyone!