Great Tips for Webcams

Remember when you didn’t have the option of using a digital camera or a smart phone to record video footage? The webcam was the ideal and no one really focused on the (then) crappy resolution? Sometimes you don’t have the time or resource to use anything but. And that’s okay. Mixergy provided some awesome tips for “how not to look ugly on a webcam”. The post is quite old, and yet the discussion is still applicable.

Mixergy Webcam Tips

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Now, these strategies apply to any circumstance where you have to worry about being on video. You can’t always control every aspect of your environment (i.e. my neighbor whose dog is always barking no matter what time of day), but every bit helps. For me, lighting is always the biggest hurdle. I can count on a fraction of natural light in the day and have learned to time it just right.

However, reality is that I need to invest in the right equipment. Even the angle of your setup makes such a difference. If you have the ability to move around your computer/laptop, test a few scenarios out. Try different times during the day. If you have natural light, see when it is no longer useful to you. Desk/table lamps are not always your friend. The shade and/or bulb color temperature can make or break a video. Remember, the lower the Kelvin scale–the more yellow you have to worry about.

The Sounding Board Graphic


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