A Trip through YouTube

Anyone who’s spent a fraction of time on YouTube knows how this works:

  • You’re sent a video and end up clicking on related videos.
  • You search for a subject and end up clicking on related videos.

Either way, two hours later you’re wondering how you ended up watching videos on “how to cut a star fruit”. I’m about to take you on a journey of unrelated videos I spent hours on within the last day or so. Let’s see if we can make some sense of this. I doubt we will, but it’ll be quite fun trying.

I am prefacing this just to clarify that below is the exact thought process going through my mind between videos. I tried to give more background as necessary. However, it quickly turned into me just clicking on whatever thumbnails looked the most interesting and justifying my reasons after the fact.

It all started when I was watching an old video of one of my cousins, who’s an amazing hairstylist.

That somehow led to a DIY Cat Tent. Don’t ask.

DIY…Creativity…designers I think are cool = the awesome group that is Amour Propre and their anti-bullying campaign:

Fashion designers…product reviews…more eye shadow would be fun…What’s looking good on the MAC website? I should watch an eye shadow review:

Yeah, that was not really as interesting (of a product) as I was hoping for. I need to upload my Influenster video review. Done? Done. Let’s get some YouTube Creator Academy lessons completed. What’s the current assignment?

Who did a great Kickstarter video? Raging Heroes! I wonder what they’re up to…(Check my email and see their crazy freebie campaign) A fan video led to watching his miniatures painting videos. They are actually quite good. Especially this one:

I need to find my next Kickstarter campaign to support. Wait, did I ever look back on some of the tech campaigns? Hmmm…I should watch some tech videos. What’s this? A CD Bubble? What the heck is that:

He also has a video on polystyrene and acetone? Yes, I am curious what happens when they are combined. Oh, that looks like something I shouldn’t do, but I really want to test it out now…

Oh look! A cat obsessed with a dog! Awww!

Dark Lord Funk? How did they combine Harry Potter and Bruno Mars?

And that’s how I started with a hair video and ended up having a dance party of one. Welcome to YouTube, where this cycle is not only expected–it’s the best way to experience the platform.

The Sounding Board Graphic

If you weren’t already hyper-aware of your photos, here’s some science behind the “best” profile photos. Interpret it how you will.

Mashable posted an article on increasing your LinkedIn views, if that’s of interest to you.

Here’s a tip from Gizmodo on permanently saving older versions of your Google Drive documents.


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