Too Much Trailer?

I was watching Marvel UK’s latest tv spot on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. I enjoyed what I was seeing since I have no issue whatsoever with spoilers. However, it brought back to mind the old argument about movie trailers. We used to get a joke or two, maybe a small section of a scene, and then were left to be surprised when we actually sat down at a screening.

Now, it sometimes feels like we get every big joke and/or a third of the film before the premiere ever arrives. It’s completely changed how I approach films. At this point, unless something greatly catches my attention I will just wait for it to come on regular tv. That way, by the time I get around to seeing it, I’m ready to experience the full package.

Taking the studio’s perspective, it makes complete sense in the digital age. With all the leaks that occur, no one wants to risk losing the audience by being too quiet about what’s going on. Even the largest franchises of the last few years gave certain details out early. Mostly, it was for nothing more than that to cut fan concerns about how closely the source material was being followed.

Having such a largeĀ internal audience to appease while also meeting expectations of the global audience is tough. I won’t pretend to understand every specific aspect of the situation. I do know that one trailer and maybe two tv spots is okay. Let the anticipation build. It gets people in the theatre which means a larger box office and base budget for continuing the storyline.

If the finished film is just a rearrangement of trailers and teasers…everyone’s losing out in the long run.


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