If you haven’t heard about this awesome hashtag floating around now, check out this article or this article…or just go straight to Twitter. A teenage, YA author started the discussion. The idea is simple…cliches in the Young Adult literature genre (and I’d argue a few others) seem to be running rampant. Even when you’ve left the teenage years long behind, there’s this odd belief that you can recall everything like it was yesterday. In reality, you probably blocked out as much as possible and therefore recall completely skewed versions of what went down. I know that’s my reality.

Hollywood has this habit of perpetuating the glorified fantasy. I know not a single person who had a happily ever ending as every teen movie likes to make you believe. My teenage years weren’t a series of stereotypes cancelling themselves out. Nope. It was a ton of frustration, questions and a few laughs now and then. I survived, but soaking up the silly movie endings only worked for the first film or two. We can dig into the society vs. Hollywood influence cycle, but I feel like it’s a “chicken or the egg” situation. It definitely needs to change, but some tropes make me laugh.

This one cracked me up pretty hard:

I didn’t get stuck with glasses until the end of high school. Any time I could avoid wearing them, I took. Well, until the reality that I was near-sighted kicked in strong enough after I grew sick of walking into EVERYTHING. The glasses were not my milkshake…

That’s what my Harry Potter dreams would have amounted to. A few friends make a Facebook group years ago about ditching our college and transferring to Hogwarts. It wasn’t because we thought it was possible. It was just a funny distraction for the annoying days.

I really feel like this hashtag is an ode to all that is Mary Sue and/or Gary Stu. If you are unfamiliar with the Pandora’s Box that is fanfiction (which has some serious gems)…don’t Google anything. See the tweet above and leave it at that. I’m not willing to take the blame for what results might get generated.

The Sounding Board Graphic

The Next Web is doing a few cool tech giveaways. I’m a sucker for these sort of things. I know I won’t win, yet I can’t get myself to stop.

I saw this book promo on a Cinema Sins video and it caught my attention. While I can’t (obviously) give a review yet, the idea is pretty cool in the sense that we are quite quick to assign social norms on what a person can and/or can’t do. I’m very curious to see how well it’s articulated.

Free Comic Book Day is just a month out. Don’t forget!


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