Creative Links of the Moment

Hi all! Today, I’m going to share a list of links I’m using for reference and/or inspiration. As my full-time work (and some pro bono projects outside of the job) are keeping me in Adobe Illustrator daily, I’m continuing to bookmark everything I can get my hands on. I thought these could be really useful for others.

  • How to Prepare Your Art for Special Print Effects (via Spoon Graphics):  I’m working on a series of business cards and general promotional materials for my portfolio. Embossing and foils are two techniques I’m seriously considering. They do a really nice breakdown on the different between each technique and how you need to prepare your files for the printer.
  • Dwarven Forge (via Kickstarter): The amount of focus (literal and figurative) one needs for miniature painting is no joke. I have enough trouble with my 1/6 scale BJD. It’s a great reminder that every detail matters. When you try to slide by on an aspect of your work–everyone will notice and many will call you out on it. That doesn’t mean there won’t be mistakes. But you have to learn to alter your work style as necessary.
  • How to Start a Magazine (via Medium): I’m actually involved with discussions on relaunching a particular magazine. While I’ve had my stint in journalism, the industry has changed so much since I stepped away. I like hearing how others approach the process.
  • How to Win Your Audience’s Heart in 7 Minutes: Sure, the discussion is on other media platforms. However, it tells you a lot about design. It’s so easy to get consumed in modifying a design over and over. As a designer, you’ll always find another change you could have done. Such a vicious cycle. But being simple yet attention-grabbing is also a hard balance at times.

The Sounding Board Graphic

#TBT made me think of my old Palm Pilots. Yes, I had more than one kind. I went directly from Palm Pilot to Blackberry. It wasn’t until after college I converted to the iPhone craze. And even now, I’m considering hoping back into the Android environment.

Marvel Phase 9 looks promising…

“7/11” as brought to you by Serena Williams

Nab a Doctor Who K-9, if you’re willing to fork out roughly $100 USD.


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