The California Raisins

I’m a child of the 80s. Well, let me put some clarification on that. I was born in 1987, so although most of my childhood memories are from the 90s/00s–I definitely had a vast introductions of the era I had just missed out on. One of those things was The California Raisins. Ironically, most people I’ve met in the Midwest never know the reference. Here’s a sampling if you also missed out on these commercials and/or movie. I still remember the bed sheets my parents bought for my brother and myself.

It’s one of those things you like as a child and just go “what?” as an adult. But I feel like that was a case for most things you grow up on.

I will forever blame the 80s cartoons I grew up on for my awesome (sometimes obnoxious) fashion sense as an adult. Bright colors that probably shouldn’t go together, but somehow work. An always changing mohawk for every occasion. I make not watch television as often now. But, if there’s a rerun marathon of the right show–or I happen across a DVD set of my favorite series ever–you know I’m going to rearrange my schedule accordingly.

The Sounding Board Graphic

Cotton candy Oreos exist now. I feel no need to buy them, but be my guest.

Looking for an IKEA hack to work on this weekend? Here’s a quick run down on getting some nice lighting into the KALLAX shelving unit.

Threadless is hosting a C2E2 after party and it’s only $10 for tickets. I still need to buy mine, so hopefully I didn’t just ruin my chances. You see, this is how cool you are to me. I don’t even wait until after I have my ticket to spread the word. You’re welcome.


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