FEMM (Japan)

FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequin) is a Japanese pop duo, consisting of members LuLa & RiRi, that debuted under Avex in 2013. I discovered them a few months ago. The decision to release a PV for every track on their album, almost twice every month, caught my attention. Well, that and the viral video “FXXk Boyz Get Money” that came out earlier this year. It’s not the kind of song I like listening to and the video put me off. But I love the way the graphics were worked in.

Lyric videos are so common these days and it was a fun spin on the concept. They use the concept in most of the other videos. You’ll also notice that every track is performed in English. Another interesting move I credit to covering a more international audience.

I won’t lie. Not every track is a win in my book. They cover a few different genres, so it’s definitely a spectrum for the vocals. I’m growing tired of the autotune overuse with everyone these days. Some tracks make use of this quite heavily.

However, the way they’ve created a story around the group itself is pretty cool. Basically, each member is a mannequin and their corresponding “agents” help share their mission. One of my favorite videos came out three months ago, “The Real Thing”.

The other PVs can be found here.




Fun Fact: Emily Kaiho (RiRi) played Momoko in the film Bunraku.


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