The Tossers (Chicago)

I didn’t know what I was missing in my life by never hearing The Tossers before now. Proud to say they’re a local Chicago act. If you haven’t heard of Celtic punk–dude, I can’t even say what a brilliant fusion this is. Formed in 1993, you can tell this is an experienced band within seconds of the vocals layering over the instrumentation. It really made me smile as I listened and watched the promo video on their YouTube page.

After a quick perusal of their videos, “Katie at the Races” is by-far my favorite. When I want rock, I was a high-tempo drum and this song meets that need.

More information on the band and media can be found on their artist page via Victory Records.


Fun Fact: The single “Siobhan” was featured on the show How I Met Your Mother.


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