Because Sometimes You Just Want to Make Stuff

I do not watch the Game of Thrones. It’s not because I don’t think it would be interesting. After almost two decades of devoting myself to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I just don’t have it in me to commit to an intense saga like this again.

Statistics already show that no matter which character I choose, they are most likely dead. Not to mention the gap in outstanding books. I’ve reached that age where if it’s a) not complete and/or b) I didn’t already dedicate hardcore time to the fandom–you aren’t roping me in. Orphan Black and Doctor Who fill that void now.

However, many friends from my morning train do like GoT and rather intensely. And for that reason, I get entire play by plays of what everyone’s looking forward to and the fan theories going around. Like this morning. The conversation started with March Madness veered to Walking Dead and took a sharp left to Game of Thrones.

When the video above came across my Twitter feed, I couldn’t help but laugh. Because while you can’t rope me into GoT, if there’s chainmaille or swords involved…well, we just became best friends.

The entire team of Baltimore Knife and Sword is insanely gifted and knowledgeable of what they do. I kept drooling over their warehouse. Just give me a corner with my jump rings and pliers. I’ll be a volunteer mailer on reserve. I mean, look at these Yataghans! LOOK AT THEM!

The Sounding Board Graphic

John Oliver talking with John Snowden about Government Surveillance? Worth sitting down for the full 30 minute segment. The language isn’t the most tasteful at times, so I wouldn’t recommend watching this at work.

Japanese band WORLD ORDER recently threw the first pitch for a local baseball game. Fun fact: the band’s leader, Genki Sudo, is a former MMA fighter.


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