Twitter Handles to Follow: Tech

Nicole Yeary (@nicoleyeary)

Nicole is the President and Founder of Ms.Tech, a cohort of women with the motto, “Helping business women do tech and tech women do business.” The group consists of current (and future) entrepreneurs, a number of women in the tech industry, etc. With her vast knowledge of the tech sector, she’s always sharing tips, discussing industry trends and areas that need attention, etc. She’s just a pretty cool person. She was one of the “100 Women of Inspiration” named by Today’s Chicago Woman  and is a member of UN Women.

Roberto Blake (@robertoblake)

Roberto’s quickly becoming one of my top graphic design resources. Just look at his portfolio. His quick mastery of different social media platforms is worth noting. On YouTube along, he now has over 26,000 subscribers in just two years. He understands the industry well and his videos are produced so cleanly. His Twitter feed is a mix of links to his videos, sharing graphic design resources and just talking with fans.

Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV)

I met Daniel when I was speaking at the @Midwest Conference I spoke at last year. Outside of being a naturally hilarious person, he’s a digital marketing expert. As a contributor to the likes of Huffington Post, Forbes and Entrepreneur–you can be confident his feed’s going to give you some useful content.

The Sounding Board Graphic

Writing Pen for Parkinson’s Patients (via MedGadget)

Another Age of Ultron Featurette Released (via


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