Sitting Through the Credits

When I read that Josh Whedon proclaimed “there’s no post-credit scene” in the next Avengers film, I didn’t believe it (like most fans). Obviously, we will all learn if that was just a misdirect or the truth in a few more weeks. However, it got me thinking.

How many people sit in the movie theater after the credits start rolling?

It wasn’t until I started seeing Marvel films that I (quickly) learned this was a good play. But that’s the only situation I ever do that for. Normally, I’m in the group who, after noticing the film’s about to wind down, makes my way towards the entrance.

Standing at just the right angle to still see the screen, but able to beat the full crowd out the door when the credits roll, I get those last two-three minutes in. Then again, I go into a film knowing all the spoilers possible so that I can take off quickly and not worry about the few seconds of lost screen time.

Which type of movie goer are you?

  • Front section movie fanatic who is there 20 minutes before the film to five minutes after that post-credit scene?
  • Aisle seat claimers (with or without a group) who’ll be making at least 3 bathroom/concession stand runs?
  • Back row, center section viewer who just wants the perfect view and everyone to stay quiet for the big sequences?
  • “I don’t care where we sit” duo who plays to do a not-so-subtle commentary the entire time–much to the chagrin of the entire group
  • Text critic who somehow thinks not one of us notices the glow of your phone and are irritated when staff escort you from the theater maybe 14 minutes into the film?


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