A Question of Knights

Having grown up on Monty Python, it’s hard to pick just three clips. Are many moments completely out of touch these days? Of course. It is, at times, very poor humor. I think it was the dry, yet shocking humor that always got to me. These clips always give me a good chuckle. And yes, I do realize they are all from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

1) The Black Knight – “It’s Only a Flesh Wound”

It’s so over the top. His extreme level of denial makes me lose it every time. I remember watching this during one of my brother’s birthday parties. Half the room thought I was a dork for laughing so hard. But, by the time we got to “I’ve had worse”, it won a few people over. Of course, there are many politically incorrect moments. I’m not in complete denial of that, but the

2) The Knights Who Say Ni

“One that looks nice…and not too expensive.”

Seriously, who comes up with stuff like this? All this for a shrubbery. Skip to 3:56 and tell me it doesn’t make you laugh.

3) 3 Questions

Questions about yourself should be easy. Acting like you know everything will always get you in a bind. Approaching a question from a completely new perspective can change a situation to your favorite. Honest life lessons and yet, absolutely hilarious in the right context.

The Sounding Board Graphic

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