Awesome Kickstarters: SnapPower Charger

If it wouldn’t defeat the purpose, I would totally take this apart to study everything. Well, that and I have no experience with reverse engineering electronics of this kind.

Today’s another Kickstarter day. I decided to share a tech project that has 1) already surpassed the goal and 2) is something many of us wish for. The SnapPower Charger is an outlet cover plate with a built-in, wireless USB charger. You can pledge for a single cover for $16 or up to a 10-pack for $120. I could really stop right there and that’s everything you need to know.

Needless to say, the media are really loving this. From a goal of $35,000, they’ve already surpassed $637,000. Nothing to shrug over. Even better, the estimated delivery is August of this year.

Between projects like this, and IKEA’s plans to start selling rechargeable furniture, it’s quite exciting for any tech fans out there. Of course, there will be kinks in the process. I just know how awesome I thought text messaging was the first time in arrived on a cell phone. And that was just a few decades ago…

The Sounding Board Graphic

The EcoQube C Kickstarter looks quite promising. I have no plans to take on more pets, but it’s a slick design.

I’m curious what everyone thinks about the Sesame Kickstarter. I mean, fantastic promo video. If my faith in this category of electronics were stronger, I’d back it in a heartbeat. But I’m still wary about anything I’d be putting over my locks.


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